7 Nights Package


Day 1: Cartagena (Casa La Fe) - Arrive in Cartagena (Free Airport Pickup), have a nice dinner in Plaza Bolivar, enjoy the night life.


Day 2: Cartagena (Casa La Fe) - Walk around the Old City, soaking up the culture and museums, like the fortress and the naval museum. Enjoy the street theater and great food.


Day 3: Cartagena (Casa La Fe) - Day trip to Rosario Island for snorkeling, scuba diving, or hiking. Take in the city on a horse-drawn carriage by the moonlight.


Day 4: Santa Marta (Casa de Leda or Casa de Isabella) - Transport to Santa Marta*, and spend the afternoon lounging on the Taganga beach.


Day 5: Santa Marta (Casa de Leda or Casa de Isabella) - Choose any number of activities from Santa Marta, including scuba diving, lounging on the beach, museums, waterfalls, hiking, or surfing.


Day 6:  Villa Maria - Travel to Villa María in a taxi (70.000 COP). Play in the waves on our deserted beach while the local fisherman cook you lunch with the day's catch. Spend the afternoon cooling off at Quebrada Valencia, a nearby waterfall complete with a cliff to jump off. Dinner at Villa María.


Day 7: Villa Maria - Day trip to Tayrona National Park (beach and jungle hiking) or Minca (swim in the river, visit a coffee farm, and go bird watching).


Day 8: To the airport in Santa Marta, or back to Cartagena for your plane.


Total price of stay (for two): 1.878.700 COP


All packages are completely customizable, so let us know your needs! We can change around the nights to fit your schedule. Day activities are suggested options and not included in the price. This package includes 7 nights with included breakfast for two guests, which qualifies for our direct booking 5% discount, already reflected in the listed price. Price quoted for standard room during low season (fully refundable rate). Be sure to ask about our prepaid rates for even better prices.

*Transport options from Cartagena to Santa Marta include: 1) shuttle bus (70.000 COP per person) not operated by Kali Hotels, and 2) private taxi (organized by Kali Hotels) for 400.000 COP (up to 4 people).